Classic Tasmanian Weekender

Classic Tasmanian Weekender – Coastal Forest with Abundant Local Flora and Fauna!

CLIFFTOP HIDEAWAY – Secluded Accommodation in Tasmania        View Our Map Here!

Clifftop Hideaway is a classic Tasmanian weekender, fondly called a “shack” which probably began it’s life as a hydro hut providing accommodation for workers on one of the many dam projects under construction in the state in the 1950’s or 60’s.
We do know that it was moved here from Deep Bay but we could only guess where else it resided before then!
Since arriving on this property a front room was added and a verandah closed off to form the lounge of today. It is also apparent that a fireplace existed in the TV room and the myriad of doors suggests several small bunk rooms, one having now been made into a kitchen!
The Tasmanian coast and inland waterways are dotted with shacks like this and their sole reason for existence in most cases was to provide a relaxing place for families to enjoy their weekends on this majestic island.
In other words the perfect “Unique accommodation in Tasmania
Clifftop hideaway is an open plan design with two sleeping areas, one with a multi bunk and the other with a queen bed which has a glorious view of the coast. There are also two futon lounges which fold down to doubles.
The lounge has a cosy wood fire and there is a tv/dining room as well as a separate kitchen.
All rooms have coastal or bushland views including the bathroom where you can soak in a lovely old cast iron bath whilst looking out to sea.
There is ample parking space for your car, boat or van.
Enjoy the tranquil southern Tasmanian coast in a classic Tasmanian weekender.

Written on December 3rd, 2012

Clifftop Hideaway uses the Theme Adventure + by Eric Schwarz

Clifftop Hideaway

Unique Tasmanian Accommodation